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Accessibility Products

Accessibility Products Bathrooms are the most dangerous room in the home. But with a few simple modifications, everyone who uses it will be safer. Not only seniors, but those with disabilities and even children benefit from a bathroom with safety features installed. Are you using towel racks as grab bars? Typical towel racks are not […]


Ohana Stairlifts provide ramps that are safe and reliable access in your home or business for handicapped users with walkers, wheelchairs, powerchairs, and more. Let our mobility and fall prevention experts customize a solution for your home.  Ramps can be used in many areas of your home to cover multiple stairs or a raised threshold.  […]

Platform Lifts

Free to Keep Living at Home A platform lift gives easy access in and out of your home. Whether you use a wheelchair, scooter, or walker, our lifts are built for safety and durability. SteadyDrive ensures a smooth, quiet, and stable lift. ReadyUPS System: True battery backup that can deliver at least 5-cycles in the […]

Outdoor Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlifts Make Entry to Your Home Easy Built for safety and comfort, Ohana products are practical and durable. Your home may not have an interior staircase, but getting in and out of your lifted home can be a challenge. We’d love to help you move up with your independence. Built to withstand the elements, […]

Curved Stairlifts

A Custom Addition to Your Home With the advanced engineering of our curved systems, they require no track placement into the walls of your home. Ohana Stairlifts has you covered, no matter what kind of staircase you have. Our Curved Stairlifts can be mounted on center handrails, posts, or even structural beams.  Because of the […]

Straight Stairlifts

Make Your Home Livable for a Lifetime If you’re considering aging in place, moving to an older home, or just want to make your current home more accessible, one of the most common solutions is a straight stairlift from Ohana Stairlifts of Hawaii. Straight stairlifts offer all the same mobility benefits as curved stairlifts, for […]


Straight Stairlifts Curved Stairlifts Outdoor Stairlifts Platform Lifts Ramps Accessories You don’t have to give up your independence. Enjoy your home and stay in the place you have loved for years. Call now and get a free consultation where we discuss all the options of keeping your home. Call for a free consultation.


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Solutions for Veterans As a veteran, we know you have special concerns. Our staff at Ohana Stairlifts can help your transition back home. We offer mobility solutions customized for you and your family. Veterans Seeking Assistance from the VA: The Department of Veterans Affairs has three programs that give cash grants to qualified veterans with disabilities […]