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Ohana Stairlifts is located in Kailua, in the Kapaa Industrial Park. We know how Hawaii homes are built and have the solutions to fit your mobility needs. We service all stairlifts, even those we have not installed. Our technicians are available to install and maintain lifts on all islands.

With Us, It's Personal

Michael began the company after helping his own mother through the difficulty of caring for his father through his illness. He saw firsthand how hard it is to care for someone you love with disabilities in a home not built with those needs in mind. Michael has gained the knowledge and experience to help you and your family make the changes needed to age in place.

We Provide Customized Solutions

Your home and situation are unique. We appreciate that. It all starts with an in-home assessment to see the needs. Then, we present a solution that best fits your home, lifestyle, and budget. We are passionate about helping you stay safe in your own home.

Fall Prevention Experts

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Mr. Michael Dowell has an Executive Certification in Home Modifications from the University of Southern California and is a Certified Age in Place Specialist of the Home Builders Association.  Additionally, he chairs one of the boards for the State of Hawaii Department of Health’s Fall Prevention Consortium.  

Here, in Hawaii, Michael is the owner and president of two companies that work to increase the living capability of senior citizens and persons with disabilities.  His Stay-at-Home Modification Company does just that.  It offers a wide range of home modifications to make living at home possible or easier for the physically challenged or frail.  His Ohana Stairlifts company goes a step further and supplies unique custom-built lifts for difficult-to-navigate exterior and interior stair arrangements. Michael’s company can solve just about any problem with world-class and innovative solutions that require only a plug to charge the battery-operated system that then ’lifts’ the client in a small chair safely to any upper level. This same ‘lift’ system can also return them back down when they are ready creating access to the home that there might not be if not for this system.  This is extremely helpful for challenged veterans, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. 

Michael also finds it important to volunteer his time teaching seniors fall prevention safety in numerous seminars and venues. He provides free home safety assessments that help identify hazards in the house and the different options available to correct them and increase the overall safety of the home. 

Fall Prevention and Aging in Place

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